Friday, August 23, 2013

A Flock of Chickens

Dotty and the Dots

Dotty and the Dots got their names because they are white with black dots.  There are actually three of them.  The third one looks just like the second picture.  The top one is Dotty, the one with the most dots. 

Amy and Baby

 This chicken is Amy.  Her sister is Baby, who looks almost exactly like her.  Baby got her name because she used to be so small.

Binky the Arucana
 Binky is an Arucana.  She will lay blue eggs if she ever starts laying!  She has little puffs on her cheeks.  Sarah calls her "Chihuahua Ears."

Chippy and the Chipmunks
 This is Chippy.

There are three Chipmunks.  Chippy has the biggest comb.  When they were babies, they were striped like chipmunks.

 Hazel and the Chicks

 This is Hazel.

 This is the chick that we think is a hen.  She has not been named yet.  Any ideas?  We think the other two are roosters.

This is The Penguin.

And here is The Penguin again.

This is Tom Bombadil.  He did not want his picture taken!


Charlie used to be plain black with purple legs.  Now he is a beautiful rooster with a white head and white and green feathers over his black ones.  He is not crowing yet.


This is Lucky.  She is a Barred Plymouth Rock hen.  We used to have four of them, but she is the only one left.

Gerry (Geraldine) is one of the cuddliest chickens.  She is so soft and fluffy!  We let our cousin Ben name her.

Sam Gamgee

 Sam is one of my favorite chickens.  He is kind of shy, but he is so beautiful!  He is crowing now, but it is very squawky!

 Betsy is the speckled hen on the right in this picture.  Sam Gamgee is beside her.  She was supposed to start laying a while ago, but I haven't seen any eggs yet.  The chickens are free-range, so they could be laying anywhere!


Bob is the king of all the chickens, except for Hazel!  She is the only one he is scared of.  She keeps every one away from her chicks.  He has such a beautiful reddish orange color.


"Bye for now," says Sam.

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