Monday, May 20, 2013

To Grandaddy's House-Day One

Today we got off on a late start.  We left at about 4:30, but only made about two stops.  That helped and we didn't get here too late.  We went straight to the hotel, but we will visit with Grandaddy and Uncle Edward tomorrow.

Sarah plays with Bekah's camera under supervision.  I am sorry to say that this usually happens without the supervision.

Moses, Noah, and Ruthie have the back seat all to themselves.

Moses takes pictures with the camera he bought from Daddy.

A lot of reading is going on.  I am reading Ben and Me, the story of a mouse who takes credit for all of Ben Franklin's doings.  It is very funny!

It's raining hard!

We got Little Caesar's Pizza for supper.  I loved their supreme!

Douglas likes it too!

Sarah's bed under the table.

Douglas brushes his teeth.


  1. This is great Lizzie! your doing a really good job on your blog.


  2. Sorry Lizzie! My comment said I was Lady Amber, (you) didn't mean to do that.

    Love, Bekah