Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To Grandaddy's House-Day Two

Today is our first day with Grandaddy and Uncle Edward.  We had breakfast at the hotel, and then headed for their house.  It is so neat to see the neighborhood that Daddy grew up in!  Uncle Edward has a night job, so we will not be able to see him as often as we would like, but we were able to visit with him today.  We had a great time just being together, and Grandaddy took us to Logan's Roadhouse for supper.  They serve you lots of peanuts there, and you can throw the shells on the floor.  Thank you so much, Grandaddy!

Hannah looks at old pictures.

Moses the umpire.

Daddy the fly.

Bekah and Moses try out a new exercise.

Ruthie and Sarah play with the doll house.

Noah built a helicopter.

Uh, oh!  Somebody got into my glasses!

The view from our hotel room.

Getting on the elevator.

Grandaddy, Mamma, and Daddy talking in the front room.

Bekah is updating her blog.

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  1. This is great Lizzie! I really like how many pictures you posted.

    Love, Bekah