Friday, June 21, 2013

Isle of Palms-Day One

Today we left for Pop and Mimi's beach house at the Isle of Palms.  We didn't make very many stops, so we got there in time for supper and a swim in the pool.  Also, when we had gone up to bed, we found our Tintin book 3, which had been missing a long time.  We must have left it here on our last trip!
We eagerly watch the signs as we get closer and closer.


 There is so much water!
 The ocean, finally!
And we have arrived! 

 Mimi is very busy supervising the placing of all our luggage.
Pop has his flags up: the Wake Forest and the Vanderbilt, because that is where Daddy and Mamma went to school.

When I get a chance, I want to upload some videos too.

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