Saturday, June 22, 2013

Isle of Palms-DayTwo

Today we played in the pool a lot!  We also went to the beach in the late afternoon.  It was pretty windy and there was the strongest current that I have ever felt there.  We had a really fun time playing in the waves with Daddy.  Daddy and Mamma did not want us to be outside in the hottest time of the day, so we came inside and watched Tom and Jerry.  Uncle Ronnie came for supper, and after that, Hannah, Bekah and I played our fiddles for Pop and Mimi.

Bekah, Moses and I enjoyed looking through Mimi's binoculars from the dock. 

 Pop's boat, See "Hawk".

 Pop and Mamma make sure everyone wears sunscreen.

 That kite thingy in the background is attached to a little surfboard and a man stands on it and rides the waves.  It sure looks like fun!



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  1. I really like this Lizzie! We did have a very fun time at the beach.