Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Trip - Day One, Boone to Charleston

Today we took Daddy and Mr. Kennedy to the airport in Charlotte, and then drove to the Isle of Palms.  We had a great trip, and only stopped once since we left the airport.  The weather was beautiful, and we listened to the Cockman Family and Leahy.  It's a little chilly here because it's only the beginning of April, but we got in the pool anyway!

The Big Bridge!

Sorry, I didn't get pictures of the airport or all the airplanes taking off, or the control tower that looked like Barad-Dur, or of us swimming in the cold pool.  After supper, Uncle Ronnie came over, but I didn't get any pictures of that.

Here are some of Bekah's pictures:

The control tower that I though looked a lot like Barad-Dur

It was so neat watching the planes.

The Great Fisherman!

Pop and some of the younger ones went down to the dock

The sun sank lower and lower

Pop and Mo-Pop (Pop is on the right)

Uncle Ronnie's darling little dog, Willie Muck

I played the keyboard for Uncle Ronnie.

Pop and Mamma went to the farmer's market and bought chicken feet!  She said Mrs. Bryk told her they were good for the flavor.

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