Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Trip - Day Three, the Charleston Market

Today after breakfast we went to the market in Charleston.  It was so fun to see!  Pop and the boys dropped us off in the middle of the market, and then they drove to the boathouse to watch the sailboats preparing for a boat race.  In the market there were all sorts of things to look at.  There were old ladies weaving baskets out of sweetgrass, and all sorts of things for sale.

There was a man selling little wooden boxes.  The neat thing about these boxes was that you had to do a special set of moves to open them.  One of the easy ones went like this:  Find the marked side and tap it on the table; spin the box counter-clockwise, then tap the other side on the table and then take the lid off.  It would not open until you did that!

Mimi makes breakfast

Bekah helps with drinks

Sarah eats her breakfast

Ruthie tries on Hannah's sunglasses in the car

We were pretty squished, we had four people in the two person backseat...

We had two people on the floor...

And Sarah sat in my lap...

We approach the huge "V bridge"

We can see an aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown from the bridge

I still can't believe how big this is!

Pop uses the GPS to get us to our destination.  The things in the background that look like dinosaurs are huge cranes.

There were a lot of people giving carriage rides.

There were old ladies weaving their baskets and selling them.

The baskets were beautiful!

Painted sand dollars

We saw some lovely paint horses!

A blimp floated above the city; Pop said it was for the regatta (the boat races)

We got Mimi a bag with her name on it for Mother's Day

We passed a man selling really pretty clips, and Mimi bought us some.  The man put Bekah's hair up in a fancy bun. 

My clip

We met Pop and the boys at the boathouse for lunch

It was so fun watching the sailboats float across the sparkling water!  I wish I could describe the feeling of the wind!

We could see Fort Sumter from the boathouse.

Mamma's favorite were the sailboats with red sails.

We could see the "V bridge" from the boathouse.

Noah starts his hamburger and french fries.

Ruthie found a pretty shell

We drove along the Battery, by the sea

All the marshes are beautiful!
We approach the Ben Sawyer bridge, which can turn to let tall ships through

Mimi cuts up cabbage for supper

Moses has been building army vehicles out of Legos

Pop and Mimi had to go to a fancy dinner at the Citadel.  Pop wore a tuxedo!  He looked so fancy!  Bekah took a picture, which I will try to put up here.  While they were gone, we tried to watch the extended version of The Hobbit, but it had to download for six hours, so we just started the regular version over again.  After supper, Daddy got here.  It was so good to see him again!!  Then Pop and Mimi got home, and Mamma and Daddy left after a little to return the rental car.  When they came back we were all asleep; we were so tired!

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