Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Trip - Day Two

Today we got up and walked on the beach to the Sea Biscuit, a restaurant.  The food was really good! Now I think we're going to go to the store.

Ruthie's pancake man

Mimi, Mamma and the girls went shopping while Pop and the boys cleaned the boat.  

There was a fun little horse at the store that we went to

We put quarters in it, and it gave a bouncy ride!

Sarah tried on some sandals

And Ruthie got a hat that folded into a fish

There was a really neat wagon wheel!

At Belk I tried on some funny shoes

I wonder how people walk in these; some of them had heels almost seven inches long!

Ruthie's new shoes!

Ruthie said this pitcher reminded her of Bob

When we got back, the boys were in the pool, and Pop was putting up his flags

After lunch, just about everyone else headed for the pool, too

"Shall I take my leave of you now, or shall I jump in this jacuzzi!"

Pop and Mimi had to go to a friend's house for supper.  It was the doctor that saved Pop's life when he had a heart-attack.  We had been watching The Hobbit a couple days ago, so we finished that up.  We couldn't get it on the TV, so we all huddled around Mamma's computer!

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