Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Book Summary: America's Paul Revere

America’s Paul Revere                                                            3-26-13

By Esther Forbes


p. 1-33

Yesterday I read about Paul Revere.  I will read the other half of the book next week.  I really enjoyed reading about him.  I read a little about his younger years, and then about his older ones.  Things were getting closer and closer to war with England.  Paul Revere was a silversmith, but when things got bad, he had to change his work sometimes.  Sometimes he would make false teeth for people.  I’m sorry if all this isn’t very clearly written.  I wasn’t able to write this yesterday because I was out of time.  I think Paul Revere is probably best known for his midnight ride to warn the townspeople that the British were coming.  He did a lot of that sort of riding.  He also led one of the groups at the Boston Tea Party.  Right after that, he was very tired, but he wasn’t able to rest yet.  He had to saddle up his horse and go riding to New York and Pennsylvania to let them know what Boston had done.  The British were so mad after the Boston Tea Party that they wouldn’t let any boats come to Boston.  Boston was not on an island, but it almost was.

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