Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Summary: George Washington's World Part II

George Washington’s World                                                    3-22-13

By Genevieve Foster


p. 93-110

Today I read a little more about George Washington.  He got married to Martha Custis, a young widow, and took his family to live on his plantation, Mount Vernon.

Thomas Jefferson was about sixteen when George Washington got married.  I read a little about him too.

I also read about the end of the Seven Years War, which was basically a war with Frederick of Prussia and George of England on one side, and all the other countries in Europe on the other side.  George II of England died and George III wasn’t interested in helping Frederick.  It wasn’t going well at all for Prussia, when the Empress of Russia died, and the new Emperor liked Prussia and didn’t want to fight.  Then Louis of France got tired of fighting too, and the other countries dropped out one by one until only Frederick of Prussia and Maria Theresa of Austria were left.  The war was over.

I also read about a young poet named Goethe.

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