Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Summary: George Washington's World

George Washington’s World                                                            3-21-13

By Genevieve Foster


p. 73-91

Tension was building up between England and France, and this finally turned into the French and Indian War.  I read about how the French built a fort on land claimed by both the English and the French.  The Virginian governor sent George Washington to tell them to leave.  The French would not leave, and Washington brought the reply back to Governor Dinwiddie.  A little while later Washington set out for the French fort again, this time with orders to make them leave.  He had some soldiers with him.  He attacked a small group of French successfully.  Then a lot of French soldiers came, and attacked Washington.  This time the French won.  They gave Washington a paper to sign.  They told him that it just said that the English wouldn’t come back for a year.  His interpreter was not a very good one, and he gave the paper to Washington to sign.  What it actually said was that he had murdered the small group of French that he attacked.

I also read about Frederick of Prussia.  Three of the most powerful women in Europe were plotting against him:  Maria Theresa of Austria, Empress Elizabeth of Russia, and Madame de Pompadour (who had most of the power in France).

I also read about William Pitt, and I read about the crowning of George III of England, but I’m out of time now.

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