Friday, March 22, 2013

Dishsoap Grits

Today I made grits for breakfast.  We had just started eating when I asked, "Do these grits taste like dishsoap to anyone?"  They took a few bites, and almost all of us said that they did taste like dishsoap.  Mamma said she didn't taste them.  Maybe she got some out of where there wasn't dishsoap.  We thought that maybe someone didn't rinse out the pot all the way when they were washing it.  Anyway, I made another pot of grits for everyone.  They were 5-minute grits, so they didn't take too long to prepare.  I tasted these.  Something didn't taste quite right about them!  I thought, "Oh, no!  Do these ones have soap too?"  I went ahead and served them out, though.  Thankfully, they were fine!  There is nothing like a nice hot bowl of grits for breakfast! (Without dishsoap!)  :)

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